Edible Landscaping in The Desert Southwest: Wheelbarrow to Plate

Beginner's Guide to Success in the desert garden.  Month-by-month planting, gardening tips, suggestions for edible alternatives to landscaping plants, and a few recipes to get your started.

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Herb Planting Chart for Phoenix Metro/Southwest area. Successfully growing culinary herbs in the desert southwest and USDA Zone 9b and above, is about planting at the right time of the year for the variety.  This is a PDF file so you can have all the information at your fingertips. This quick chart gives planting times and notes on 48 culinary herbs. Included are food pairing suggestions.

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Edible Landscaping

Perpetual Calendar!- Month-By-Month Gardening in the Desert Southwest & USDA Zone 9b and above (Deep South).  It is not just about the temperature, it is also about the daylight hours.  What to plant each month (fruit, vegetables, herbs & edible flowers), gardening and maintenance tips.  I have included some recipes and most important, areas for you to make your own gardening notes!

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101+ Recipes From The Herb Lady.

Over 150 recipes featuring herbs and spices to flavor your food FIRST before reaching for the salt and fat.

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