Merchandise!  Many of you have commented you enjoy the photos from my gardens, so I have created some products like t-shirts and more at Cafepress.  Check them out and let me if you like a photo but the product you are looking for is not listed yet.

Grow your own food - an old idea getting new attention again.  Many of your grandparents (or you :-) remember the Victory Gardens of WWII.  It is estimated that 40% of food consumed during the war came from backyard gardens.

If you have not tried growing some of your own food - you NEED to get growing and take back some control over what you and your family eat.  Vegetables, fruits and herbs from your own backyard are healthy, nutrient dense and safe (if you garden without chemicals) for your family and pets.  Edible landscaping can be beautiful as well as functional.  I call it a 'two-fer' -- you get to enjoy the beauty of the plants and then take the harvest into the kitchen and create tasty meals.  Follow me and learn! -- Catherine, The Herb Lady

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I blog on gardening, cooking and "greening issues" for the Desert Southwest.  Gardening information is applicable to USDA Zone 9 and above.  Enjoy!

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Just Added My HERB PLANTING CHART to Books/More!  48 herbs with planting and food pairing tips.  PDF file for information at your fingertips.

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