Plant ... Grow ... Eat!  You CAN have an edible garden.  Gardening can nourish not only your body, but your mind.  The image is a white eggplant - learn about this and other edible plants!




Herbs 2 U

Edible Landscaping

Catherine, The Herb Lady is an expert in edible landscaping in the Desert Southwest.  She writes and lectures on how to 'get growing' at public and private events. 

Prepare delicious meals from your harvest - they look good and are good for you and your family.   Pictured is a simple toothpick Caprese salad of tomatoes and basil wrapped around Mozzaralla.

 Time spent in a garden is not deducted from our allotted time on earth. -- Catherine, The Herb Lady

          I remember my grandmother, well.  She grew things and cooked things - wonderful things in the kitchen.  I looked backward for gardening and cooking lore, and found a future more than 3 decades ago.  I always loved gardening but was not always successful at it.  "Trowel and Error" have been my teachers!  If I found a new-to-me herb, fruit or vegetable I wanted to try growing it and have been very successful, in part because of the wonderful Tuscany/Provence type climate the Phoenix desert offers.

           I want to show any and everyone that you can grow some or all of your own food and it does not have to be a $20 tomato - gardening is simple, we make it difficult sometimes.  So try even if it is just a 2 foot wide container to begin with.

NEW:  I am excited to publish my first Wall Calendar dedicated to the Desert Gardener with Month-By-Month planting info and gardening tips.  A preview is available - it will serve you no matter what part of the year you purchase it! And Now I have a Perpetual version as a PDF downloadable to range of devices: iPhone, smart phone, laptop, computer, some eReaders.